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OMG Show With Jamie Palmer

Oct 1, 2019

We welcomed Yael Bendahan onto the podcast to talk with us all about her business as a digital marketing strategist and visibility coach. She helps online businesses create and grow their online presence to gain a larger reach and further their impact, as well as helping women have the confidence to show up online and own how awesome they are because not enough of us do! She got into the field two and a half years ago with the idea to become a mommy blogger. After realizing how long it would take to see an ROI, she began to sell her services writing for other bloggers as a virtual assistant. She slowly worked her way up in the field and upgraded her skills to include a lot of different areas of online marketing.

Yael shared how she moved from the United States to Israel when she was 12. After moving, there was a huge culture shock and she didn’t speak the language, which had a big effect on shaping her into the person that she is today.

Yael is currently moving her business from a 1:1 to a 1 to many model, and she’s sharing all her tips about how she’s able to do it successfully! It can be a challenge for some entrepreneurs when they go to take this step because you have to move into more of a coaching role. We discussed the merits of starting your own group program and the ins and outs of finding your ideal client for the group. She also told us all about what visibility is within the online world and how you can get this for your business. Yael is a big advocate for showing up in the online space and creating real connections with people that can then be turned into sales. If you want to learn more about how to use digital marketing to grow your business, check out this episode!







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