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IntegratED With Jamie Palmer - A podcast for online entrepreneurs

Sep 24, 2020

Ever see someone walking down the street that you have never met before and they immediately remind you of your ex? That's a thin - slice.


The concept of thin slicing was first introduced in Malcolm Gladwell's book Blink.


The formal definition is as follows: Thin-slicing is based on our past lived...

Sep 21, 2020

Caleb Guilliams is the Founder and CEO of BetterWealth, a company committed to showing people how to have efficiency and control over their money today while maximizing their future wealth potential. 

At an early age, Caleb read every financial book he could get his hands on and was fascinated with the idea of ordinary...

Sep 17, 2020

Last week I had the opportunity to speak at the Indie Pod Con and I had a blast! I love teaching and speaking! I got to talk all about Facebook Ads! Facebook ads and paid ads simply aren’t going away so it is important to learn how to use them to your advantage to grow and market your business.

Today I am going to...

Sep 10, 2020

Sales and selling has come up a LOT recently, especially inside my BEB Group. After 17 years in business, I’ve realized one thing they don’t tell most entrepreneurs when they start their business is that they have to sell to survive. In fact, the majority of their role will be selling, especially, in the beginning....

Sep 7, 2020

David is an executive coach and a licensed architect. He has had the honor of coaching with teams across North America including Chicago, Seattle, San Diego, Washington, DC and Victoria, British Colombia. 

David combines 20 years of passion, commitment and leadership in the field of architecture with his world-class...