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IntegratED With Jamie Palmer - A podcast for online entrepreneurs

Jul 29, 2019

As an entrepreneur in 2019, the reality is that most people are launching a course, a membership, a group program, and hosting a retreat all at the same time or within the same year. I did a podcast a few weeks ago with Suz Chadwick, a very like-minded business owner who is based out of Australia and we got to talking on her podcast about focus. I’ve gotten so many messages from people in her tribe about how badly they needed to hear what I had to say in the episode, so I wanted to dive deep into it on the podcast today.

There is an epidemic in the online space of people who are making videos in a fancy car, dressed up in designer clothing, and telling you that they have the blueprint to instant success. That drives me CRAZY!

I’ve had countless clients tell me that they’ve bought these programs to try and that they didn’t work for their business. The people who are selling these are (most of the time) capitalizing on the gigantic boom that is going on right now with info products. They might be putting in $1 to their own business and getting $.50 out. Most of these people have a “spend money to make money” mentality, which is not going to be profitable or give you long term success when building a business. What I’m seeing is that you have people creating these products that haven’t worked with anyone or others who are just dabbling in the online space to try out different things. Following one of these blueprints has a tiny chance of success, and they usually just lead to a BIG mistake. That big mistake is starting initiative after initiative with no time in between to really SELL your product successfully. If you want to know how you can get the maximum results out of each product or service that you launch, keep listening!

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