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IntegratED With Jamie Palmer - A podcast for online entrepreneurs

Aug 20, 2020

After a rough few months, Marie Forleo announced that she is walking away from the B-School group which housed over 30,000 B-School Alumni. To say that people were and are shocked is an understatement, me included. She and her team announced they would no longer be responsible for the group effective immediately.
Why does this matter? I've been watching, waiting, sitting back and observing for the better part of this year. I have struggled to put into words my sentiments and struggles with what is happening in the online place, in the US and around the Globe (no this is not a political post - just stating). Over the years, the online space has slowly eroded into what it is today. A "fake it, till you make", "do as I say, not as i do." and "Hustle" mentality.
With that said….here are my lessons I wanted to share with you:
1 Practice what you preach
2 Never lose touch with your ideal client
3 Learn to lead
4 You can create a wildly successful business with one product
5 Be open to feedback and criticism
6 A community needs a leader
7 Own Your Power
8 Listen


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