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IntegratED With Jamie Palmer - A podcast for online entrepreneurs

Oct 30, 2018

I get asked at least once a week, 'How do you market your podcast?'. Over the last six months, I have recorded over 100 episodes on the podcasts, and the show has grown to over 5k downloads. All of this has been done organically via having a distribution plan in place.

I am responsible, as the voice of the podcast for creating that content and that content is the basis for everything that we do from a social media perspective. I have longed believed that it is better to have one amazing value driven piece of content and distribute that content everywhere than having lots of little material that doesn't have a lot of value.

Once I have recorded the podcast, the team then uploads it to the blog and creates social media posts out of it. The social posts include copy from the content as well as teasers of the podcast to promote new listeners.

We also have leveraged guests on the show to help build a bigger audience. One of the requirements for being on the show is sharing the episode with your social following so this helps get my show in front of a new audience. This episode takes you behind the scenes and shows you how to market your podcast.