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IntegratED With Jamie Palmer - A podcast for online entrepreneurs

Dec 17, 2019


What they are? Lies, we tell ourselves about moving forward.

Here are a few examples of what excuses can sound like:

~ “I don’t have the support I need.” Yet, they never show up to the daily support calls as part of a program they committed to do.

~ “I don’t have the time.” Yet, you see them posting on Facebook or instagram all damn day.

~ “I’m not hitting my financial goals.” Yet, they aren’t prioritizing working on their business.

~ “I’m not a success.” (whatever that means) Yet, they have changed there business model over and over again.

The book that changed my life when it comes to making excuses in my own life and how you can stop letting excuses stop you from moving forward.

Excuses are these funny little things our mindset ceilings tell us (or convince us) that we can do out of fear, scarcity or lack.

I want you to know you aren't your excuses. So today I'm going to talk all about quieting the head trash that holds us back from moving forward.

Are you believing the excuses your mind keeps telling you to stay small...then let's make a change

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