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IntegratED With Jamie Palmer - A podcast for online entrepreneurs

Jun 22, 2020

Cara Mendez is an Intuitive Success Coach for leaders, visionaries and change-makers who desire to have it all - wealth, family, freedom - on their terms. She guides her clients to their TRUTH so they can step into their soul's purpose, own their power and receive their divine pleasure. She facilitates the Unfiltered Soul Mastermind, is the creator of the digital course, Back to Center and founded the online community Unfiltered Soul. She is also a certified Pranic Healer and is currently training as a NLP, T.I.M.E. Technique, EFT and Hypnosis Practitioner and Shaman.

Over the past decade, Cara experienced first-hand giving and doing from a place of depletion that ultimately resulted in adrenal fatigue. On her healing journey, she discovered a new found sense of power through daily self-care practices that reconnected her with her True self. And since, it is her passion to share the power of subconscious reprogramming through generational healing that she underwent so that more women and mothers can experience living in alignment with their potent purpose, pleasure, power and prosperity on their terms.

Recently, Cara had the honor to be part of the St. Louis Symbowl Speaker Series and the St Louis Listen to Your Mother cast where she shared her story of motherhood depletion and how it lead her to a self-care lifestyle.

She currently lives in the rural, picturesque town of Pacific, MO with her amazing husband, 5 gorgeous kiddos and 2 rescue dogs where they homeschool and run multiple businesses.

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