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IntegratED With Jamie Palmer - A podcast for online entrepreneurs

May 23, 2019

What to expect when you're doing a launch... I get asked this all the time. Newer entrepreneurs rush to do a launch, and it gives launches a bad name. I wanted to start by picking up where I left off in the last episode. Launching is not for everyone! If you are new to the online space, it’s incredibly important to consider your ideal client. For my business, for example, launches aren’t the way to go. If you are in the business-to-business space, there is a time and a place for doing launches in your business. Sometimes, having open enrollment works way better! For our Social Made Simple course, there is always open enrollment because it works better that way than having the cart close. I wanted to remove the pressure of feeling like they had to enroll within a certain time because I would rather have them sign up because they trust and know me well. However, there are so many businesses where launching makes complete sense. Do the research and see what works for your ideal client!

Speaking of research, do NOT skip the research!!! So many people skip this and then don’t have the right information going into the course. Do a poll, ask for feedback, and make sure that you’re paying attention so that you can figure out how you can render people better off.

Another myth that I see so much is that Facebook ads are going to save the day when it comes to a launch. This isn’t true. It will only amplify the problem that you have. Will it get you some sales? Sure. But will it actually help you make money? Who knows! Chances are you’ll end up spending way more per lead than you want to. I say this all through the experience of doing launch after launch for myself as well as for clients. This episode, I’m sharing all the mistakes that I’ve seen (or made) when it comes to launching. If you were thinking of starting a launch yourself, check it out!