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OMG Show With Jamie Palmer

Oct 8, 2019

Stop signing up for yet another course or program. There is an epidemic going on in the online space today where people keep just signing up for yet another course, program or coach. They consume, consume, consume but barely implement. We as a society have access to more information than ever and are in content overload. Between podcasts, audiobooks, trainings, coaches, gurus etc...there is a plethora of information out there.... But here's the few people actually take action on what they learn.

I see so many entrepreneurs who are over consuming and under-implementing. They are dabbling instead of going deep. They are placing blame on the course or the coach instead of taking 100% responsibility for the fact that they didn't implement to the fullest extent of their ability. And let's face it...they probably didn't even finish all of the content from the course (I know I've been guilty of that). I see entrepreneurs who try something for 30 days and give up. Who change their business models two, three, four times a year. Who role out program after program instead of making 1 super successful. Who wait and hide behind the excuses of "I need a perfect website." I don't have the right equipment." "Insert B.S. Excuse here." Yet, they fail to take risks. They fail to show up and deliver value.

They are afraid to fail. They dream of having a business but they fail to take action on doing everything in their power to make that dream a reality. It's time to start a revolution where we actually implement. Where we actually do. Where we take 100% responsibility for our actions. Where we turn our shoulds into must because success is the ONLY option. Let's talk. If you are ready to do the work and get the support you need apply to work with me and my team today.

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