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IntegratED With Jamie Palmer - A podcast for online entrepreneurs

May 27, 2019

I see so many people who randomly post on social media with no strategic intent around what they are posting and why. I want you to ask yourself before you post, “Is there a reason why I am posting this?” If the answer is no, it’s time to start getting strategic around your social media.

It’s all about finding a social media strategy that works to nurture your ideal client and draw them into your business. If you think about your current social media strategy and you have a set plan in place about what you post and when, there is probably some rhyme or reason to why you are putting up. If you are someone who is posting at 5 p.m. every night after you realized you forgot and throwing up anything you can find, chances are you most likely DON’T have a strategic reason and you are posting on a whim. Take a step back and get strategic about social media. Think about what it takes for someone to go from meeting you for the first time to becoming a client. For many of us, it’s about building a relationship. So how do you do that when you can’t have a conversation with the person on the other side?

Research is a critical key to success in being able to figure out what your customers needs, wants, and desires are. You have to know where they are in their client journey in order to be able to better their life through your products and services. It’s time to start looking at your business from a 30,000-foot view. When studying your business, it’s important to figure out how your business differs from everyone else’s and how that plays into the content that you put out on a regular basis. If you can start to create content around the process that you have, your clients will begin to know, love, and trust you.

Social media is all about engaging with your ideal client and really giving them value-driven content that helps to improve their lives and businesses!