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IntegratED With Jamie Palmer - A podcast for online entrepreneurs

Sep 10, 2020

Sales and selling has come up a LOT recently, especially inside my BEB Group. After 17 years in business, I’ve realized one thing they don’t tell most entrepreneurs when they start their business is that they have to sell to survive. In fact, the majority of their role will be selling, especially, in the beginning. The reality is that most entrepreneurs will spend 80% of their time selling and 20% doing delivery. Not exactly what you expected when you started your business?

One action I often encourage my clients to do is to record their sales calls so that they can go back to them and listen to how they actually sold. Remember, people love to buy but hate being sold. When selling you have to build trust, show value and ask for the sale. Many times when I have had clients do this exercise they realize they didn’t do all three of these things. Next time you are on a sales call ask to record it and takes notes because it shows active listening. 

Here’s the thing the better you can get at selling and the easier you can create the buying process the more you will sell, be it in person or online. Like any other skill this requires practice, a system, and keeping it simple. Which one of these tips will you integrate into your business?