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IntegratED With Jamie Palmer - A podcast for online entrepreneurs

Nov 5, 2020

The holiday season kickoff is just a few weeks away, and you might be thinking, “Well, it’s too late for me to make a Black Friday sale in my business….” Guess what, it’s not! 


You still have plenty of time to create an amazing Black Friday deal and sale in your business. I’m going to walk you through six steps that will lead to a successful Black Friday launch in your business.


  1. Have a Black Friday offer!


What will you be selling? At this point in the game, you want to think about the products and the services that you have, which are tried and true in your business. You know that you can deliver them and deliver them well!


How are you going to deliver your Black Friday offer? Think about how you are going to do the deliverable. Is it an automated deliverable or will you have to physically do some work to deliver? That’s really important to keep in mind when you’re doing a Black Friday offer.


  1. Your Black Friday Hook 


What will make them buy from you now? Why is this different than all the other times that you’ve potentially offered this product? The goal of doing a big Black Friday sale is to ultimately convert people who are already in your community into buyers. What’s the angle? Keep it a little different than you have in the past, and you will find that you might get a lot of bang for your buck when it comes to this Black Friday sale. Taking somebody who’s stalking you online and converting them into a buyer is easier to sell than somebody that has bought from you before.


  1. Black Friday Sale Features and Benefits


Features and benefits are super important for a successful Black Friday sale. As I mentioned earlier (see number one), you want to make it really simple for people to understand what they’re buying. Map out what they are getting from you! Think of it as the specs when you are buying a computer: the type of processor, how much RAM, the mechanics, etc…


  1. Black Friday Sale Bonus Items


I love adding in bonus items when it comes to Black Friday Sales. It gives people this incentive to move forward. Part of the reason why we include bonus items is because when we are pricing our offers for Black Friday, it is important to have the entire value of the offer be roughly 10x what the investment is. 


  1. In what ecosystem are you going to sell your Black Friday Sales offer? 


I’m a huge fan of social media and a huge fan of your email list. You could potentially talk about it on your podcast or your YouTube channel. Understand what content you need to create for which platforms and when. You don’t want to be in a scattered last-minute frenzy trying to get all this stuff out.


  1. Black Friday Sales Content


You have to create some sales emails and sales social copy that are going to sell this offer. I get that sales emails are not always the easiest thing to write. But the good news is if you start with a sales email, they are going to give you plenty of social media copy to repurpose.


The holiday season kickoff is just a few weeks away, and you might be thinking, “Well, it’s too late for me to make a Black Friday sale in my business….”  Guess what, it’s not!