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IntegratED With Jamie Palmer - A podcast for online entrepreneurs

Nov 23, 2018

Do the hardest thing first. Have you ever found yourself putting off something on your to-do list? I was recently working with a 1:1 client and she kept putting off her facebook lives.

Why? Because she was struggling to feel comfortable on camera. I can totally relate. Often times when we have something challenging to do we leave it until the last thing to do for the day and the challenge with that is we give ourselves more anxiety of accomplishing it and we often come up with masterfull excuses as to why we should put it off for another day.

So I want to challenge you to do the hard thing first. I want to push you to get that out of your way first so that you move through the rest of your to-do list with ease. So tune in and learn why I do the hardest thing first every day when I set my intentions for the day.