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IntegratED With Jamie Palmer - A podcast for online entrepreneurs

Aug 28, 2019

Today we had Karla Angel join us on the OMG Show! Karla is a confidence coach who works with a number of clients, most of whom are women working in the tech industry. Having been in the field herself for a while, she learned to cope with her own lack of confidence and it took years to realize that she was stressing herself out. The thing that she loved about all the jobs that she had was helping other people to see their potential and take a look at the challenges that were in their way. After going through a coaching training program, she now helps women work through the challenges that they face and create more confidence for themselves so that they can succeed in their industry and in business.   As entrepreneurs, we often experience the feeling of not being “enough” in our business.

This can be caused by imposter syndrome, feeling inadequate, or thinking that you’re under-qualified for a job or sale that you’re offered. These negative feelings can come from a fear of failure, a worry that you’re going to disappoint people, or thinking that you will lose the respect of others. Karla tells us that these feelings stem from learned behaviors that we’ve been carrying around with us for so long that we don’t even notice them anymore. Because you've been feeling this way for longer than you can remember, you may not even know the subconscious reasons that you’re lacking the confidence that you need to succeed.  

One of the biggest pillars of her coaching business is learning self-compassion. Setting boundaries is another huge part of gaining confidence because it means saying no to things that you’ve been saying yes to all along. As entrepreneurs, we can be so invested in our business that it’s hard to set boundaries and make sure that we keep them.  

So much of her coaching business is about self-care and self-worth, and along with her coaching comes major changes for people’s businesses!

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