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IntegratED With Jamie Palmer - A podcast for online entrepreneurs

Nov 27, 2018

So a client asked me earlier today about what tools I have used to grow my business and team! So today I am going to share with you 3 tools my team and I use on a daily basis to effectively and efficiently communicate with one another and clients.

The first one is the Daily Huddle. This is a very structured 15-minute meeting that reviews goals, leads, sales, weekly commitments and any critical issues that might come up along the way. While this isn't a tool per say, it is an instrumental part of my day to day communications with my team.

The second is Google G Suite. I'm sort of obsessed with Google Docs and Sheets. It makes it so easy to work collaborative, from anywhere on any computer and communicate with the team.

The third one is voxer. While voxer can get a bit out of control when not used properly it is super effective with the proper parameters are in place. We often use this with private clients to communicate when it is a bit long to email and a bit short to jump on a meeting. These tools have been instrumental for me in growing my business and communicating with my team.