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IntegratED With Jamie Palmer - A podcast for online entrepreneurs

Aug 28, 2018

When it comes to social media we often forget that it can be challenging. Creating community, connecting with users on the other end and really creating that relationship where people keep coming back to consume your content is challenging.

While I truly believe you don't need a gazillion followers to grow your business you need engaged ones, who are watching your every move and want to know more from you. But how do you do that? That starts by understanding what the keys are to creating social media success.

If you want to succeed in the online world you need to have a plan a strategy in place, this is important because ultimately you want to take people on a journey with you in the online space, you will need to provide value and teach and you will also need to plan ahead. This might mean a photoshoot, mapping out content, and more. So tune in you won't want to miss this episode.