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IntegratED With Jamie Palmer - A podcast for online entrepreneurs

Jan 23, 2020

Are you practicing what you preach? We live in a world where you can pick and choose what images you want people to see. You can rent a ridiculous mansion and claim it to be your own. You can show up in whatever way you choose to show up online and be a completely different person behind the scenes. 

I have for many years, worked diligently to practice what I preach in all areas of my life. While this can be a scary proposition for some, it is actually very freeing when you decide this is the way in which you want to live. 

I have made a commitment to myself, my business and my community that this is how I want to live. I test new marketing strategies out on myself before anyone else, I embody the values of my business by living them, I own up to my strengths and weakness and so much more. 

I have a client who is also doing the same and I love seeing him live his passion and I can see with great specificity how over time this will impact and inspire his community tremendously. He does it daily in spite of any fears that may arise along the way. 

So let's talk about practicing what you preach and the importance of it today. 

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