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IntegratED With Jamie Palmer - A podcast for online entrepreneurs

Apr 23, 2019

Yesterday’s episode was all about how to choose what product is right for your business, and today is going to be all about how you can market that product or service so that it is wildly successful. I see people go through so much effort to create their product and put it all together, just to only do one launch before moving on to the next initiative. One of the beauties of having a course or membership is that it allows you to continue using it long after having created it. It is something that you can constantly keep promoting and marketing to your audience.

Pick whatever style works for the business and then get ready to market away! I want to challenge everyone to pick an option and stick with it for a full year. It may sound boring but rather than channeling your creativity into creating new courses, use it to market your existing course to new potential clients and optimize your product for the highest sales possible. By doing so, you can start to systematically grow your business. When you have a great product, this is something that you can do on repeat and continue to grow and scale. One of the best examples of this is Russell Brunson, who created Click Funnels. He is constantly inventing new and exciting ways to market his product, but he stuck with just creating click funnels and finding ways to create massive success for this one product. Russell works with a ton of different people to create collaborations, challenges, and send out different offers that are centered around his one product in order to keep growing his client base.

I want to encourage you to think about sticking with one product or service for a full year and come up with ideas that are just as creative as Russell Brunson for marketing your product. As entrepreneurs, we often have shiny object syndrome and want to move on to the next best thing, but you will be rewarded for focusing on perfecting one initiative!