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IntegratED With Jamie Palmer - A podcast for online entrepreneurs

Jul 25, 2019

Let’s talk about selling and return on investment. For those of you who don’t know, I did a brief stint at a sales training firm where I was the entrepreneur in residence. I had hired this person to teach me how to sell better and sell more effectively, and I had done so well that they had asked me to help teach. This was a brief stint that I did but I was helping other entrepreneurs learn how to sell as well. I was chatting with my business coach the other day and I was telling her that I felt off about tying in the ROI with what I do to how it renders their business better off. When you’re selling and you’re positioning yourself for a sale, I want you to think about what the ROI is for the client. For my business, it’s something like “If you were to get X number of new clients per month from our marketing, what does that number look like?” If you were able to bring in 2-3 clients per month what is the average sale worth to you?

Let’s say that someone has the goal of bringing in 2 new clients per month that are going to spend $2,500.00 each. That would mean an extra $5,000.00 a month and $60,000.00 a year. If their work with me only cost them $2,000.00 a month, would you spend that money to make double or triple that? The ROI is what you want the clients to focus on because that’s an amazing ROI. When you think about selling, I want you to think about how you can position it so that it’s tied to what the ROI is. When you start to get that resistance from people around the amount that they’re spending on your services, that’s when you want to push back and show them the ROI that they could be getting. Using ROI is one of the best ways of marketing your services to potential clients!

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