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IntegratED With Jamie Palmer - A podcast for online entrepreneurs

Jul 24, 2019

We were super excited to have the one and only Stephen Larson on the OMG Show today! Stephen has wanted to be an entrepreneur since he was in high school, starting out selling laser pointer pens to other students at his school. As someone who had always been interested in selling, he was able to start learning how to make money after being in dire financial circumstances. He tried door to door sales, being a telemarketer, and becoming a real estate agent, all of which didn’t amount to the success that he was looking for. After 3 or 4 years, and 17 tries, Stephen was finally able to break into the Click Funnels world.

Stephen’s area of expertise is all about offer creation, and he learned how to sell through all the failed attempts that he had. Although he learned how to sell, he didn’t know much about marketing and the positive effect that it could have on his business. Figuring out how to be a success was a long process of trial and error, and Stephen shares with us his experiences with this. He also talks about how you can move past the feeling of being plateaued, where you may think that your business isn’t growing. As long as you continue to make progress and work on learning to grow the business, you’ll be able to break through that barrier to keep moving your company to the next level. You can measure successful people according to the dips that they’ve had because if you aren’t plateauing, chances are you aren’t growing. Stephen shares his advice with us, both for business and for click funnels so that you can continue to grow and improve. If you want to know how to sell successfully on click funnels and create a killer offer, make sure to tune in to this episode.


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