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IntegratED With Jamie Palmer - A podcast for online entrepreneurs

Oct 22, 2019

For this episode, we had Craig Severinsen of Bright Works PR and Marketing join us so that he could tell us all about how he helps his clients get sales through Facebook and LinkedIn. Craig’s business is all about organic growth and leads! He became an entrepreneur after working a 9-5 job and wanting to spend more time at home with his kids. That was his “a-ha” moment, and he decided to start his own PR business. He immediately failed, and it took a while to learn how to get clients for his business. Once he had the success he was looking for, he was getting other entrepreneurs asking him left and right what he was doing to get them, and he quickly transitioned into coaching.

When it comes to organic social media growth, a lot of people think that organic reach is dead. Craig shared his expertise around why people are struggling to get leads through social media and how they can use social media to their advantage to get organic business online. It’s all about how you approach it! Organic social media is just one piece of a bigger marketing strategy, and using Facebook or LinkedIn to reach out with your ideal client and have intentional conversations that aren’t just sales conversations.

He shares his best advice on how you can have these intentional conversations with your ideal client through social media. It’s all about taking the time to figure out what type of person you want to work with and reaching out after doing your research. Online marketing should be used in the same way as in-person marketing! If you wouldn’t go up to someone in person and immediately pitch your business, you shouldn’t do it online. If you want to be able to grow your business organically, you have to be willing to reach out and make connections!




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