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IntegratED With Jamie Palmer - A podcast for online entrepreneurs

Jan 30, 2020

Boundaries are defined as: The line that marks the limit. A limit of a subject or set of activies. Early on in my business, I had no business boundaries. My phone was an extension of my body and when ever it chirrped or buzzed I answered the call. 

My business was RUNNING ME. Perhaps you can relate? It was impacting nearly every single part of my life. My relationships. Myself. My Soul. My business. My sanity. My well being. ALL OF IT. I answered emails, facebook messages, text, calls etc at every hour of the day. I was always on and I was always miserable.

As a result, I completely burnt myself out. I crashed and burned and it cost me business. It took completely burning out to learn that I need to create boundaries in my business especially as it was getting bigger and bigger. I simply could not operate at that level of plugged in and stay sane.  That was 2013 and a huge turning point for me in my business. 

Today, as my business grows ever larger, I've come to realize (and come to terms with) the fact that we all need boundaries in business to succeed. Perhaps it is just client communication expectations or simply setting work hours for yourself. Whatever it is, if you want to succeed as your business grows beyond six figures it will become absolutely essential to creating boundaries in your business. Here I share my five 5 tips for creating boundaries in your business. 

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