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IntegratED With Jamie Palmer - A podcast for online entrepreneurs

Jan 21, 2020

I was chatting with my Dad about my podcast and I said, "Marketing this podcast sure is a long term game. I've got 300 and something episodes and I'm not sure I can tie a single $ to it" All good marketing is a long term game and anyone who tells you otherwise is just high on some trend that is going to come and go.

Trust me, I've seen a LOT of trends in my 16 years in business. If you want to build a real business that generates leads consistently over time you have to invest time and money into your marketing because it is a long game. It takes time to optimize a YouTube channel. It takes time to build traction for a podcast channel. It takes time to optimize a blog and the search results. None of these things happen over night. That is why I always recommend macro content.

One of my client Christine, CEO of Sleep Like a Boss has been using the Social Media Made Simple System for over 18 months now and is booked out consistently for sales calls...all organic. We live in a society where we have the expectation of stuff being done yesterday and that simply isn't how good marketing works. Macro content takes time to create and time to optimize but the payoffs of this evergreen content can be weeks, months or even years.

All too often entrepreneurs quit before the even have the chance to see results. I've heard it time and time again, 3 months in they will say something like, "well, I haven't seen an ROI yet so it must not be working." There are ways to absolutely get an ROI in 3 months but it takes labor. If you aren't willing to put in the work, it's going to be really hard to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Often times, entrepreneurs will prioritize posting on social media rather than creating that long form macro content and therein lies the mistake. That micro social media content doesn't have a long shelf life, hours, or maybe even days. So in today's episode I share the importance of marketing for the long game.

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